29 May 2011

ATC Series - Random Letters and Words

In addition to my ATC series I made a cut-out alphabet! You find uppercase letters, numbers and some signs in png files in the Random Letters alpha set and a printable collage sheet. There are 60 individual png files in the Random Words word art set and a printable collage sheet. Ideal for digital and hybrid layouts as well. The new packakages of the ATC series are available at Scrapbook Elements.

CT inspirations from AnikA and szrJudit:

22 May 2011

ATC Series - Femmes backgrounds

There are 12 Jumbo ATC size backs (5"x7") in the Femmes background package, which is the next piece of my ATC series. You find 12 individual png files and two digital collage sheets with these backgrounds. Ideal for digital and hybrid layouts as well. The Femmes backgrounds are available at Scrapbook Elements!

You've already seen the CT pages here.

Circus Maximus

Do you feel sometimes, that you are a sad clown, you need to balance like an acrobat and your life seems like a circus? If yes, you'll love this kit! There are 78 elements (+26 word bits), and 20 papers in the Circus Maximus page set. Available at SBE.

CT inspirations:

My page:

Rucola Designs by me – Circus Maximus
Clock: Saxon Holt – Reminders of Papa

15 May 2011

ATC Series - Floral Brushes

In addition to my ATC series I made some brushes. This Floral brush set has 6 different floral items in 2 different formats: PhotoShop ABR for Brushes and PNG for all other programs. There are 12 beautifully recolored sample PNG files in the package too. Available at Scrapbook Elements.


Reminders of Papa - collab

Reminders of Papa. One of those kits that will remind you of all the things your father means to you. We've tried to include many of the everyday items that fathers around the world use and like. To that end, there are antique tobacco tins, tools, shaving items and some softer ribbons to make it all come together. The vintage feel and colors will surely evoke memories tucked away in your past that you'd like to scrap before they are forgotten. With careful attention to detail, all items are created at 300DPI and double-checked for quality. Enjoy our newest collaboration as you scrap your precious memories of your father or grandfather. Kit includes 17 papers and over 60 elements.
The Reminders of Papa collab kit is available at Scrapbook Elements.

CT inspirations:

My page:

Saxon & Ildi - Reminders of Papa
Ildi Geist - Return to Fantasy

Font: Cooper Std

Yentl, my favorite with Barbra Streisand.

08 May 2011

ATC Series - Altered Cats

In addition to my ATC series I made a couple of altered cats, it was a great fun! You find 2 backgrounds and 11 individual png files in the Altered Cats elements set and two printable collage sheets. Ideal for digital and hybrid layouts as well.

Layout of Scrappe Irene:


Cewe/Krisssz - Csipke
Rucola Designs by me - Ham and Eggs

Rucola Designs by me - Altered Cats

Font: Charlemagne Std

Return to Fantasy

Steampunk involves an era or world where steam power is still widely used that incorporates prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Works of steampunk often feature anachronistic technology or futuristic innovations. Put on your googles and come with me! The Return to Fantasy page set contains 18 rich papers and 86 fantastic elements including: 3 airplanes, 2 balloons, 1 bicycle, 1 bird, 4 books, 2 cars, 6 cards, 1 card cluster, 2 clocks, 3 clothes raks, 1 communicator, 1 diving suit, 4 flowers, 4 frames, 1 frog, 3 gears, 4 (imaginary) girls (2 of them also in shadowed version), 6 insects, 1 key, 3 men, 2 ornaments, 1 pin, 1 planet, 1 plate, 1 paper roll, 2 staples, 1 steampunk word, 9 (imaginary) structures, 1 sun clock, 1 tag, 1 tower, 1 train, 3 wires, 2 women. Available at Scrapbook Elements!

CT inspirations

OKC layouts

My new guest members for May: hekas (Brigi), for May and June: pinkadoo (Carrie)!

My pages:
Rucola Designs by me – Return to Fantasy
Font: Parisian

Rucola Designs by Ildi Geist – Return to Fantasy
Font: Sketchy

Illustrations from wikimedia commons

01 May 2011

ATC Series - Torn&Worn Borders

In addition to my ATC series there are 6 slightly shadowed individual png files in the Torn&Worn Borders element set. Ideal for ATC cards and normal size layouts as well. Available at SBE!

CT inspirations:


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