01 December 2009

Will it be cold outside?

There are a very warm autumn here, in Hungary, but I hope it will be cold in winter, too! Here is my new desktop in English and in Hungarian. I used my upcoming kits.:)

And probably the best music of the world:

22 November 2009


One of my favourite blog trains was the Hungaricum. The original post is here. It was a hard work not to be too "gulasch". I used my husband' grannie's embroidery needlework.

And here is some Hungarian music and musicians for you, that I am very proud of!
Bea Palya, one of my favourite young Hungarian singer.

Bea Palya with the Folkestra.

Hungarian violin virtuoso Felix Lajko (plays zither here) and singer Magdolna Ruzsa performs a folk song interpretation "Még azt mondják".

And some hyping of our country! :)

20 November 2009

Kindy freebies

This two blogtrains were perfect for the mothers with small children. The colour palettes are close to each other. Here is the original post. This theme reminded me to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, although there wasn't a single towel in it. And the number of elements are not 42. :) My Universe kit:

download elements
download papers

The Kindy World was also a cute one, coming soon at MLAS as a revamped kit!

sorry, the link is expired
My page:

19 November 2009

From the Beginning

I am in love with scrapbooking since January. I have begun my Hungarian blog as soon as the first LO was created. My first blogtrain was the 100% Summer in June. You can find the original post here.

I'm in love with birds and trees, so my layouts and kits mostly contains this elements. So as if in the Sunfruits blogtrain kit. You can find the original post here and some addons.

download papers
download elements

I took place in a huge recipe and cooking blogtrain in summer as well. The title was Big Levin, who is a chef character of the great Hungarian writer, Jenő Rejtő (P. Howard). The original post.

And here is some music from my favourites.

18 November 2009

Welcome back my friends!

Hi there! It is definitely a scrapbook blog, but I am a huge fan of Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP) forever! So...
Welcome back my friends, to the show, that never ends!

Emerson Lake and Palmer's Song "Trilogy" by Jad&Den Quintet recorded at La nouvelle Athenes Paris. I love this jazzy version with the great musicians.

Have fun and happy scrapping! The layouts and the kits are coming soon! Listening to music is allowed during it! :)


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