24 October 2013

ATC Series Herbst (Autumn)

There are 12 ATC size backs (2,5"x3,5") in the Herbst backround package, which is the next piece of my ATC series. You find 12 individual jpg files and two printable collage sheets with these backgrounds. Ideal for digital and hybrid layouts as well. Available at DeviantScrap!

My cards:

I used Clockwork Autumn and Pumpkin Parade kits of mine to make these.

14 October 2013

Fears And Phobias

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. It is a strong, irrational fear of something that poses little or no real danger. There are many specific phobias. If you become anxious and extremely self-conscious in everyday social situations, you could have a social phobia. Other common phobias involve tunnels, highway driving, water, flying, animals and blood. Do you have any? I do. I'd like to help you to express your fears with this kit! Scrap therapy always helps!
You find more than 100 elements, 18 papers and 8 letter size ATC backs (8,5"x11,5") in Fears And Phobias kit. Available at DeviantScrap!

CT inspirations:



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