16 January 2010

New year, new play!

I have had an idea and made a kit. This kit is full of animals! Unfortunately it shouldn't have got the name I wanted, because of the copyrights, and it became Jungle Friends. I hope, that everybody can recognize what this kit is all about! :) The first, who can find out the original title of the kit will be the winner, I will send the kit for her!
I am waiting for your tips! The wordarts are helpful!

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Zsu said...

Nem a wordart, inkább az emberke az állatokkal adta az ötletet. Nekem erről egy film jelenet ugrott be. szóval a tippem: Ace Ventura

Kovaxka said...

You are the absolut winner! :D The kit is about the film Ave Ventura! :)

Zsu said...

Thank you so much! :D

Osli said...

Congrats for the winner!


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